The Comedy of Errors

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Jane Nichols

September 16, 2015


October 11, 2015

A fast and funny comedy filled with mixed up mayhem. Searching for the family they lost years ago in a shipwreck, Antipholus and his servant, Dromio, find themselves in a strange city where nearly everyone thinks they know them. Are folks seeing double? Maybe! This comic knot of jealous wives, quack doctors, mysterious nuns, and double trouble untangles just in time with the nuttiest family reunion you’ve ever seen.

Production Team
Jane Nichols (Director), Craig Wollam (Set Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Robin Macartney (Props Designer), Jessilee Marander (Stage Manager).

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Kevin Bordi (Second Merchant/Officer), Julie Briskman (Abbess/Luce), Samie Spring Detzer (Luciana), Spencer Hamp (First Merchant/Angelo/Magician), Kevin Kelly (Dromio of Ephesus), David Brown King (Antipholus of Ephesus), Kate Kraay (Courtesan), Todd Jefferson Moore (Egeon/Pinch), Linda K. Morris (Adriana), Jay Myers (Antipholus of Syracuse), Arjun Pande (Dromio of Syracuse), Michael Patten (Duke), Lara Paxton (Magician’s Assistant/Servant), Tom Spangenberg (Gaoler/Servant).