Camp Bill

“A lot of English classes teach Shakespeare like it’s just a book that you read from. Experiencing it and watching it play out on stage is so different – that’s how it was meant to be shown. Camp Bill gives kids that experience of really living Shakespeare.”

– Camp Bill Graduate

Camp Bill is a series of fun and interesting programs offered every summer. Students can sign up for one-week acting camps where they will be introduced to Shakespeare’s works, practice basic acting concepts, and play fun improv games with new friends. They can also participate in a 3-week “production intensive” camp where middle and high school students create their own full productions. In these 3-week camps, teaching artists direct students not only in rehearsal and performance, but to design and build the set and costumes for their production! There’s something for almost every age and level.

In summer 2020, Production Intensive camps moved online and created short films of Shakespeare’s plays. Students worked with teaching artists to practice the language and rehearse scenes as usual, but then scouted locations, created storyboards and shot lists, and filmed their scenes in socially-distant ways, ultimately stitching together their videos to create complete films. 

Check back in the spring for more information on what might come in 2021!