Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Sheila Daniels

Center Theatre at Seattle Center

April 24, 2024


May 19, 2024

Conflict is brewing in the streets of Verona as a new generation ages into a war they have no stake in–yet. Young Capulets and Montagues have spent their whole lives being taught to hate one another, but when Romeo and Juliet meet, all they see is their love and what they’re willing to sacrifice to be together. Desire, parental expectations, and a drive for independence pressure these lovers to make choices that could change the fate of their whole community.

Meet the Cast

Alegra Batara as Juliet, Shawn Belyea as Lord Capulet/Apothecary, Miguel Castellano as Mercutio/Lord Montague, Andrew Lee Creech as Friar Lawrence, S. Franco as Tybalt/Lady Montague, Morgan Gwilym Tso as Romeo, Sarah Harlett as Nurse/Prince, Josephine Keefe as Lady Capulet/Sister Joan/Abram, Karin Terry as Benvolio/Paris, and Louis Osborne McElrath as the Full Cast Understudy.

Romeo and Juliet will be directed by Sheila Daniels, who will be joined by Robin Macartney as Scenic and Props Designer, Jocelyne Fowler as Costume Designer, Matt McCarren as Lighting Designer, Rob Witmer as Sound Designer, Amy Thone as Text Coach, Ian Bond as Intimacy Director/Fight Choreographer, DaeZhane Day as Choreographer, Ben Radin as Technical Director, with Shay Trusty as the Stage Manager and Erin Lammie as the Assistant Stage Manager.

Production Photos

Production photos from Romeo and Juliet taken by Giao Nguyen.