Rough Magic: A Seattle Shakespeare Podcast

Welcome to Rough Magic by Seattle Shakespeare Company.

We are gathering to explore ideas, stories, and interviews related to the world of theatre, specifically classical theatre. For our time together, we are inviting in guests to help us and share their thoughts and artistry. Some of them may be familiar to you from seeing them on our stages. Others may be brand new to you. The format of things may vary as we wander down the path. Some weeks we’ll feature a series exploring a specific theme or topic. At other times we’ll share an original audio story that drew inspiration from Shakespeare. Or, we might just check in with artists to get their thoughts on a play, a role, or a dream idea. The canvas is wide open. The world of the theatre is transforming before our eyes. It’s a magical time. The conversation has already started. Subscribe, listen, and join us for some Rough Magic: A Seattle Shakespeare Podcast.

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Series and Episodes

Series I – What We May Be: Race and Education
Episode 0 – Series Trailer

Intro to the series by Rafael Molina, our host

Episode 1 – The Brainstorm

Featuring Dedra D. Woods, Michelle Burce, Manny Cawaling

In our first episode, we explore the foundations of education. You’ll be introduced to Seattle Shakespeare’s education programs, as well as what education and racial equity look like for individual artists, educational and theatrical institutions, and our society at large. We are joined by artist and activist Dedra D. Woods (Artists of Color Seattle); Seattle Shakespeare’s Education Director, Michelle Burce; and Manny Cawaling of Inspire Washington. Learn more, ask questions, and get involved at

Episode 2 – Past and Present, Part 1

Featuring Desdemona Chiang, QuiQui Dominguez and Caitlin Honig

 This week, Rafael explores education in schools and classrooms, from stories about being an immigrant struggling to understand playground games to the importance of rebellious teachers and the power of showing students that Shakespeare can be for them (and the struggle when it feels like it isn’t). Our guests are director Desdemona Chiang, multihyphenate artist QuiQui Dominguez, and high school teacher Caitlin Honig. Learn more, ask questions, and get involved at

Episode 3 – Past and Present, Part 2

 What’s the difference between diversity and equity? How is education changing? What kinds of people are our education programs trying to create? Rafael delves into these questions and more, while exploring after school and camp programs at Seattle Shakespeare. Our guests this week are director and educator Valerie Curtis-Newton, teaching artist Anastasia Higham, actor Sunam Ellis, and former Seattle Shakespeare student Violet Keteyian. Learn more, ask questions, and get involved at

Episode 4 – The Future

In our final episode, Rafael explores what the future of educational theatre, Seattle, and the arts community at large might and could look like. Learn about artists who are pushing us forward with new interpretations, new work, new people in the room. Dive deep into the Shakespeare Equity Engagement program with Lamar Legend, learn more about upstart crow collective with Rosa Joshi, and hear about what BIPOC and predominantly white institutions should do next (and so much more) with Sara Porkalob.