Flash Sale! – Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday

Buy One, Get One Free Ticket Sale to “Othello”


We’re celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday. The Bard of Avon would be 451 years old today…and you get the gift!

With our buy one, get one free ticket sale, you can bring a friend to our upcoming production of Othello (April 29-May 17). Considered to be Shakespeare’s most gripping and passionate play, Othello is the story of a soldier propelled into a murderous fury by his wife’s apparent unfaithfulness. Othello plays for 17 performances.

Buy one adult ticket and get the second ticket for free to any performance of Othello when you use the code BDAY2015 when ordering tickets. This offer ends at midnight April 23, 2015.

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Cuisine and Caring

Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events helped to create a fabulous evening for Bill’s Bash.


Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events

If you’ve been to Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Bill’s Bash gala or opening night parties, you’ve tasted their scrumptious bites and experienced their excellent service. They’re in the lobby at ACT and here, in the Cornish Playhouse, selling treats and tending the bar. And recently, if you’ve been to Benaroya Hall, you may have grabbed a pre-concert meal at Muse or a snack at Davids & Co. How did Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events become Seattle’s caterer to the arts? It turns out to be something that came about organically, much like the growth of the business that David Haggerty and David Meckstroth started over 25 years ago.

At the time, both were waiting tables at Triples restaurant on Lake Union. Haggerty needed help with his infant son, Reed, during a catering gig and asked Meckstroth to watch him. “Reed is in the back seat of the car just crying hysterically, and David’s trying to comfort him,” said Haggerty. So they switch roles with Meckstroth setting up for the job. “But then the client was so great about it, and then it ended up that she took Reed while David and I set the whole thing up.” The event went off without a hitch, and a few weeks later they talked about catering together. “The conversation was, ‘Well . . . what do ya think?’ and I replied, ‘Well…do we have to bring Reed all the time?’” Meckstroth laughs which leads to Haggerty laughing

It turns out that laughter has been the bedrock of their partnership — and that little question “Well…what do you think?” has been the business compass for Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes. Haggerty and Meckstroth discovered through trial and error how they balance each others’ strengths. “I think the best thing I can says is that it starts with a lot of trust,” said Meckstroth. There’s a great friendship component that we’ve been very lucky to have not lost over the years. We can still laugh together. You know, I can close the door, and I can laugh with this guy easier than anybody I know.”

And behind that closed door has also been where the springboard question “What do you think?” is asked. That question has led to running a deli, expanding the catering business, purchasing the Hall at Fauntleroy as an event venue, new catering partners, and a new venue to accommodate their expanding operations. “Watch what happens when you find a space that you can grow into,” said Haggerty. “Because all of a sudden…you’ll grow.”

And grow they have. Their connection to the arts started small but, with a core value of great food and amazing service, reputation brought them new opportunities. “We really try to instill a guest-first attitude and team approach for all of our staff,” said Haggerty. “The only way the company is going to continue to grow is if everyone is carrying those guiding principles to help them make decisions.”

If you haven’t yet had the Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes experience, there’s no better opportunity than now. Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes handles the concession sales in the lobby for the Cornish Playhouse, so grab a beverage and bite to eat and keep them in mind if you have an event on your horizon.

Casting News: Wooden O 2015

Wooden O Casting News

We’re thrilled to announce our casting for this summer’s free Wooden O productions of Henry IV part 1 and As You Like It which start performances on Thursday, July 9. Lots of favorite artists from past Seattle Shakespeare Company productions will be in the parks this summer.

Artistic Director George Mount will stage Henry IV part 1. This is the first time we’ve presented this play in the parks. The production features David Anthony Lewis as King Henry, Conner Neddersen as his son Prince Hal, and Tim Hyland as Falstaff. Lewis was in our recent production of Measure for Measure and is currently in Othello.  Neddersen played Valentine in The Two Gentlemen of Verona last summer and Feste in our recent production of Twelfth Night. Hyland returns to SSC after directing the Wooden O production of Macbeth (2011) and appearing as Fluellen in Henry V (2010).

Actress and director Annie Lareau directs As You Like It. Lareau recently staged our touring productions of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, and appeared in the Wooden O productions of Richard III (2009) and Henry V (2013). As You Like It features Brenda Joyner as Rosalind, Jason Sanford as Orlando, Hana Lass as Celia, Kelly Kitchens as Jacques, and Heather Hawkins as both Duchess sisters. Joyner last appeared on our stage in Much Ado About Nothing and Richard II. Jason Sanford played the King of Navarre in Love’s Labour’s Lost and was part of our spring tour in 2013 in Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Hana Lass recently played Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest, and Kelly Kitchens played Kate in The Taming of the Shrew (2013 and Wooden O 2009). Heather Hawkins appeared in last summer’s all-female Julius Caesar as Calpurnia.

The Henry IV part 1 full cast includes: David Anthony Lewis (King Henry), Conner Neddersen (Prince Hal), Tim Hyland (Falstaff), Michael Patten (Vernon/Northumberland), Joe Ngo (Hotspur), Nikki Visel (Westmoreland), Kate Witt (Mistress Quickly/Worcester), Brandon Felker (Bardolph/Glendower), Matt Gilbert (Mortimer/Poins), Lorenzo Roberts (Blunt), Tom Miller Dewey (Peto/Douglass), Michael Dreger (Prince John), and Jessica Keily (Lady Percy).

The As You Like It full cast includes: Brenda Joyner (Rosalind), Jason Sanford (Orlando), Hana Lass (Celia), Heather Hawkins (Duchess Senior and Duchess Fredricka), Brian Simmons (Touchstone), Kelly Kitchens (Jacques), Maya Sugarman (Phebe), Kate Jaeger (Audrey), Spencer Hamp (Silvius), Amy Fleetwood (Corin), Evan Whitfield (Oliver), Eric Ray Anderson (Adam), Sean Patrick Taylor (Le Beau/Amiens), and Duncan Weinland (William).

Win Tickets to a Screening of “Titus Andronicus”

We’ve got five pairs of tickets to give away to the Globe Theatre’s screening of their production of “Titus Andronicus” on Thursday, March 26 at 7PM.  Enter to win today!

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We're thrilled that the Globe Theatre will be bringing their stage production of Titus Andronicus to the screen at the Guild 45th Theatre on Thursday, March 26 at 7PM. We've got 5 pairs of tickets to give away. Enter to win today. Contest ends at midnight on March 25. Titus Andronicus Returning to Rome from a war against the Goths, the general Titus Andronicus (William Houston) brings with him the queen Tamora (Indira Varma) and her three sons as prisoners of war. Titus’ sacrifice of Tamora’s eldest son to appease the ghosts of his dead sons, and his decision to refuse to accept the title of emperor, initiates a terrible cycle of mutilation, rape and murder. And all the while, at the center of the nightmare, there moves the villainous, self-delighting Aaron (Obi Abili). Grotesquely violent and daringly experimental, Titus Andronicus was the smash hit of Shakespeare’s early career, and is written with a ghoulish energy he was never to repeat elsewhere. This production, recorded earlier in 2015, revisits Lucy Bailey’s spectacular Globe production of 2006 and has caused a stir throughout the U.K. media with staged violence so realistic that some audience members have fainted.
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