Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase tickets or make a reservation?

All Wooden O performances are free and open to the public. You do not need to purchase tickets or make a reservation. However, we do recommend arriving at least 20 minutes before the start of the show to secure a good spot on the lawn.

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing a blanket or a chair. If you do bring a chair, we ask that you sit towards the back of the audience area so as not to block the view of those sitting on the ground.

These performances are outdoors, so you may want to bring personal care items like sunscreen, bug spray, or drinking water. Temperatures can cool during the performance so an extra layer is recommended.

Can I make a donation?

Yes! We heartily encourage donations at the parks with cash or check, or online. Individual donations help Seattle Shakespeare Company provide free Shakespeare to the region. For more information about donor levels and benefits, please click here.

Will there be Wooden O merchandise at the park?

Yes! Each summer, as a token of our gratitude, we offer limited edition Wooden O gear (it could be anything from hats, to water bottles, to picnic blankets, to phone chargers). Each summer we choose a different item to offer to donors of a select level.   

Are the shows appropriate for all ages?


Will there be concessions/Can I bring food?

There are no concessions at Wooden O performances. You are more than welcome to bring food to the venue, but we do ask that you pack out everything that you brought to the park.

Can I bring my dog?

Please check with the individual park you plan on attending as rules differ at each venue.

Other Basic Policies

Cell phones and pagers are disruptive to actors and audiences. Please turn them off.

Sound and video recordings are prohibited during the performance.

Please be courteous to your fellow patrons and refrain from smoking in the audience. If you wish to smoke, please do so outside the perimeter of the audience area.

Will shows be cancelled if it rains or if there’s bad air quality?

Summer weather in the Northwest can be unpredictable, but we believe the show must go on. Please be prepared whether it means sun block and drinking water or jackets, blankets, rain gear and umbrellas. If an audience is willing to sit in the rain or endure smoky air, the show will go on. If the rain develops into thunder and lightning, we will cancel the show. If the air quality is deemed a hazard, we will cancel the show.