Who the heck is in this story?!

A guide to the residents of Windsor.

Anne Page, the sought-after daughter of Meg Page and George Page.

John Simple, a companion of John Falstaff , while he runs Falstaff’s errands, he also works for Quickly, Page, and Ford.

Pistol, a companion of John Falstaff who elects to preserve his honesty and, alongside Simple, reports Falstaff’s plans to Page and Ford, as well as the secret suitor of Anne Page, whom neither her father nor mother approve of.

John Falstaff, a pompous knight, scoundrel, an occasional thief who thinks he can get away with anything, including seducing married women in order to gain access to their husbands’ cash.

George Page, the easy-going husband of Meg Page, who lives unbothered by Falstaff’s plot. He and his wife disagree about who should marry their daughter Anne.

Justice Salvo, a foolish figure of the law who represents misplaced authority. She urges Slender to try to seduce Anne Page, even speaking for him at times.

Quickly, the mischievous host of the Garter Inn and everyone’s messenger.

Francis Ford, the jealous husband of Alice Ford. Willing to go great lengths to disguise himself and uncover his wife’s perceived infidelity.

Mistress Alice Ford, wife to George Ford and a dear friend of Mistress Page. Mistress Ford hopes to prove to her husband that she is entirely faithful, so that he will get over his oppressive jealousy.

Slender, Page’s preferred suitor for Anne Page’s hand; Slender is urged on by Shallow, but he is unable to speak anything but nonsense to Anne.

Dr. Caius, a bumbling French doctor, and Meg Page’s preferred suitor for her daughter’s hand. His accent often encourages jokes at his expense.

Mistress Meg Page, wife to Francis Page, mother to Anne Page, and a dear friend of Mistress Ford. Mistress Page and her husband disagree about who should marry their daughter.