Student Made Content

A student performer, Casey Spiers, recently joined the Youth Shakes ensemble for Romeo and Juliet, where he played the parts of Montague and Gregory. In doing so, Casey was involved in some fight sequences, and one fight sequence in particular struck such a chord with him that he was inspired to create music surrounding the fight. We wanted to feature this inspired orchestration, as well as hear from Casey as to what inspired him to create this piece.

What inspired you to write this song?

Mostly the Great Locomotive Chase by Robert W Smith. But a majority of it came up in my head at the rehearsal I had the idea at and then I went from there.

What instruments are included in this piece?

Orchestral instruments.

How long have you been writing music?

One year. I started when a song popped up in my YouTube recommended call Rise From the Ashes by Nombra101.

Are you working on any other music projects?

I like to recompose movie soundtracks and I am currently working on Darth Nihilus’ Theme