Stellar Reviews for A Doll’s House

A Doll’s House has been getting remarkable reviews since it opened earlier this month.  Here’s a round up of what local theatre critics have been saying about the show.

Broadway World

“Crisp and engaging”

“A stellar cast and crew”

“Rock solid evening of theater”

“not one wasted moment throughout”

“A superb ensemble cast”

“Betsy Schwartz  brings to glorious life what looks to be an expository character and evolves her into a multifaceted woman with her own engaging story.”

“George Mount as the ailing Dr. Rank practically had me in tears with the beautifully heartfelt arc of his character.”

“Peter Dylan O’Connor as the antagonistic Krogstad takes his character well beyond that of a simple villain and infuses his broken man with empathy and heart.”

“the powerhouse driving force that is Jennifer Sue Johnson.”

“she is the sun around which all the other actors revolve.”

“Magical set”


“An awe-inspiring piece”

“A perfect way to start off the new year.”

Drama in the Hood

“Very suspenseful”

“This production made me realize how near perfect this play is.”

“The dramatic structure is so tight, so believable and so suspenseful, that I sat in awe during the performance.”

“The best ‘Doll’s House’ I have ever seen.”

City Arts

“Brimming with secrecy, drama and emotionally charged relationships”

“A solid production in all aspects.”

“Stellar performances”

“Johnson absolutely shines as Nora.”

“Kristine (another brilliant performance).”

“the talented cast of Seattle Shakes’ production delivers a nuanced performance.”

Arts Stage – Seattle Rage

“Seattle Shakespeare’s production is a knock out.”

“What a joy to see it so well done.”

“The beauty of the translation is that it wraps this 19th Century work in 21st Century language.”

Seattle Weekly

“A colloquial new rendering”

The Stranger

“I can find nothing wrong with Seattle Shakespeare Company’s A Doll’s House”

“The pleasures of Ibsen’s play are contained in this adaptation.”

Queen Anne News

“This Doll’s House brings sparkling, fresh life to the classic play.”

“George Mount makes us laugh and cry in a highly sympathetic  role as ailing family friend Dr. Rank.”

“As Krogstad, O’Connor is threatening and villainous, yet also sympathetic as an outcast from both society and love.”

“Betsy Schwartz convincingly plays Mrs. Linde, Nora’s old school friend, former lover of Krogstad and fellow social outsider.”


Seattle Times


“Sean Patrick Taylor’s crisp and clear new translation”

“George Mount’s poignant Dr. Rank”

“High drama”

Seattle Gay News

“Seattle Shakes’ A Doll’s House is a beautifully mounted classic revival”

“The production is a beautifully mounted technical achievement”

“Banham cements himself into the top echelon of Seattle directors”

“George Mount is a delightfully droll Dr. Rank.”

“Betsy Schwartz understates gracefully the role of Mrs. Linde.”

“Peter Dylan O’Connor makes Nils Krogstad almost a likeable villain.”

“Jody McCoy makes everyone wish they had a nany like Anne-Marie.”

“Michael Patten…is solid in his portrayal of a dry banker”

“You must go see it for yourself”

“It leaps off the page into life”

“The new translation by Sean Patrick Taylor…preserves the sense of the times but allows for a more ‘American’ take in the style of the language.”

“Vigorous production”

Seattle Gay Scene

“A Doll’s House for the 21st Century”

“Seattle Shakespeare Company has assembled a strong cast, one of Seattle’s best directors and a terrific line-up of designers and artists to stage this production and they’ve all done a fine job.”

“The cast and production team of this play do get the job done.”

“Seattle Shakes ‘A Doll’s House’ is a solid night of theatre and can be recommended to fans of dramatic theater and classic material, with strong performances and a generally solid production.”