When Love Speaks

Compiled by David Wright

Directed by Daniel Wilson

Performed at the Glenn Hughes Playhouse Theater

August 26, 1992


September 6, 1992

A delightful evening of love poetry and music by Shakespeare and his contemporaries. The Renaissance poets – Shakespeare, Marlowe, Spencer, Donne, and others – produced some of the most exuberant, glorious love poetry ever written. Rediscover this poetry as it was meant to be: aloud!



Chuck Driscoll (Scenic Designer), Sherry Lyon (Costume Designer), Phil Sens (Lighting Designer), Cornelia Duryée (Choreographer), Wendy Ruth (Stage Manager).


Joel Summerlin (Astrophel), Andrew Zavada (Thyrsis), Cornelia Duryée (Phyllis), Erika Porterfield (Celia).