Free Wooden O Park Show

The Winter's Tale

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Mary Machala

Performed in parks throughout the Puget Sound region

July 12, 2012


August 12, 2012

Jealousy and suspicion tear at the heart of King Leontes, a man who seems to have everything. Accusing his wife of infidelity, his rash choices plunge himself and those he loves into a winter of despair and regret. Yet true love can work miracles and forgiveness can heal deep wounds as an exiled princess and a wise woman orchestrate one of the most touching reunions in all of Shakespeare.



Susannah Butler (Stage Manager), Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), K.D. Schill (Costume Designer), Johanna Melamed (Sound Designer), Sean Patrick Taylor (Composer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer).



Therese Diekhans (Paulina), Sean Patrick Taylor (Ensemble/Musician), Libby Barnard (Ensemble), Derek Petropolis (Ensemble), Evan Crockett (Ensemble), Sara Mountjoy-Pepka (Ensemble), David Quicksall (Antigonus/Autolycus), Nick Rempel (Camillo), Michael Patten (Leontes), Mike Dooly (Polixenes), Alyson Bedford (Hermione), Joel Meyers (Mamilius), Jack Taylor (Mamilius), Jim Lapan (Old Shepard), Mark Oram (Clown), Brenda Joyner (Perdita), Riley Neldam (Florizel).