Merchant Poster

The Merchant of Venice

By William Shakespeare

Directed by John Langs

Performed at the Center House Theatre at Seattle Center

March 12, 2009


April 5, 2009

Hot markets make Venice a glamorous and high-living city.  Fortunes are made in an instant and lost in a heartbeat.  After striking a lethal bargain with the moneylender Shylock, Antonio faces the knife when his income from his ships suddenly evaporates. He must now rely upon a resourceful heiress-turned-lawyer, Portia, to prevent the deadly disaster. In a thrilling courtroom conclusion, the disguised young woman swings into action in one of Shakespeare’s most popular and controversial plays.



Jennifer Zeyl (Scenic Design), Pete Rush (Costume Design), Geoff Korf (lighting design),  John Osebold (original music), Kimberly White (Voice and Text Director), Erin Murray (Assistant Director), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager).

CAST (in alphabetical order)

Allan Armstrong (Tubal/ Duke of Venice), Will Beinbrink (Bassanio), Mark Chamberlin (Antonio), Mats Ecklund (Balthazar/Bailiff/Stefano), David Goldstein (Salarino), Troy Fischnaller (Gratiano/Morroco), Kelly Kitchens (Nerissa), Shawn Law (Launcelot), Charles Leggett (Shylock), Melanie Moser (Jessica), Kay Nahm (Lady in Waiting to Portia/Performer), Michael Place (Lorenzo), Dale Ross (Lady in Waiting to Portia/Performer), Klea Scott (Portia), Matt Shimkus (Salerio/Jailor), Brian Claudio Smith (Solanio/Aragon).