By Moliere, Translated by Richard Wilbur

Directed by Makaela Pollock

March 17, 2015


April 12, 2015

Orgon’s household is under the influence of a seductive swindler named Tartuffe. This cunning con man, masquerading as a holy man, plans to dupe the gullible Orgon out of his fortune, his daughter, and his reputation. The pious grifter can do no wrong in his host’s eyes, yet everyone else in the household smells a rat. Just when the jig is up, Tartuffe ups the stakes and the charm. Moliere’s laugh-out-loud funny tale of deception, hypocrisy, and power shish-kabobs false morality.


Makaela Pollock (Director), Carol Wolfe Clay (Set Designer), Christine Meyers (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Robin Macartney (Props Designer), Miranda C. Pratt (Stage Manager)

CAST (in alphabetical order)
Quinn Armstrong (Valére), Christine Marie Brown (Elmire), Suzy Hunt (Madame Pernelle), Bill Johns (Monsieur Loyal), Peter Lohnes (Orgon), Alex Matthews (Damis), Bhama Roget (Dorine), Riley Shanahan (Laurent), Brandon J. Simmons (Cléante), Reina Struk (Flipote), Maya Sugarman (Mariane), R. Hamilton Wright (Tartuffe).