Finding celebration and solace in the power of Shakespeare, Wolpe explores her troubled family history juxtaposed with the Bard’s glorious insights into the human condition.

Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender with Lisa Wolpe

Performed at the Studio Theatre at Taproot Theatre

February 7, 2020


February 9, 2020

Internationally renowned actor Lisa Wolpe has arguably played more of the Bard’s male roles than any woman in history. From cross-gender exploration to the unforgettable story of her life, Lisa triumphantly illustrates that Shakespeare’s insight into the human condition is as relevant as ever.

Finding celebration and solace in the words and enchanting power of Shakespeare, Wolpe explores the courageous, often tragic, always fascinating history of her troubled family–weaving in glorious passages from Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, The Winter’s Tale, Twelfth Night, Richard III, and Romeo and Juliet.

Wolpe’s own story wreaks havoc on the heart as the catastrophic circumstances of her family history would be too much to bear if not for the liberation and catharsis that this valiant performer discovers (and the audience shares) in the telling of it Wolpe offers a unique celebration of the power of the eloquence of Shakespeare to build empathy and understanding in a world where the unspeakable seems to happen again and again.