Romeo and Juliet

Touring Production

Romeo and Juliet (Tour 2011)

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Mary Machala

On tour across Washington State

March 1, 2011


May 31, 2011


In the midst of an historical bitter feud, passionate young love emerges. Defying their parents, Romeo and Juliet marry and plot to run away together, only to be thwarted at every turn. This classic play is a swashbuckling drama and the greatest love story ever told.



Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer),  Janessa Jayne Styck (Costume Designer),  Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographer), Louise Butler (Rehearsal Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Patrick Allcorn (Benvolio/Paris),  Susanna Burney (Lady Capulet/Abram/Apothecary), Ben McFadden (Mercutio/Nurse/Prince),  Carolyn Marie Monroe (Juliet/Sampson),  Damian Peterson (Romeo/Gregory), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Tybalt/Friar)