Shakespeare’s dark tale of ambition, consequences, and witchcraft.


By William Shakespeare

Directed by Desdemona Chiang

Performed at the Center Theatre

April 21, 2020


May 17, 2020

Something Wicked This Way Comes… The world is torn apart by war, and a military leader’s rapid rise to power is foretold by a trio of witches. Conspiring with his ambitious wife, Macbeth begins a seemingly endless chain of grisly murders to further the couple’s own ambitions. But guilt and suspicion plunge their lives into madness, driving the pair down a path of destruction that ultimately leads to a ruin of their own making.

Dark Deeds. Shakespeare’s most intense and terrifying tragedy is a haunting story of ambition and its dark consequences. Magic, witches, secrets, and intrigue shroud this haunting tale like a dark cloak. Step by bloody step, we surrender to Shakespeare’s supernatural examination of murder, moral disorder, and fear.

Tour de Force of Suspense. More than 400 years later, Macbeth remains one of the darkest tragedies ever written. The play contains some of Shakespeare’s most rich and poetic language while plumbing the depths of human psychology and the pitfalls of unchecked ambition and violence.