By William Shakespeare

Directed by Michael Kevin

October 14, 2001


November 11, 2001


Teresa A. Morin (Stage Manager), Josh Mowczko (Scenic Designer), Tim Wratten (Lighting Designer), Mary Petrick (Costume Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Props Designer), Aaron Welch (Sound Designer).



Rex Young (Macbeth), Amy Thone (Lady Macbeth/Witch Voice), Jim Gall (The Messenger/Duncan), Nick Rempel (Banquo), Reginald Andre Jackson (Ross), Tim Gouran (Malcolm), Harry Todd Jamieson (Fleance), Kevin McKeon (Macduff), Peter Weisenburger (Lennox), Steven Lee Shults (First Murderer), Earl Alexander (Second Murderer), Casey Katims (Son to Macduff/Witch Voice), Kurt Langmeyer (Son to Macduff/Witch Voice), Dawn Box (Lady Macduff/Witch Voice), Robert Shampain (The Messenger/Duncan).