Touring Production

Julius Caesar (Tour 2013)

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Kelly Kitchens

On tour across Washington State

March 1, 2013


May 31, 2013


Shakespeare’s great political thriller portrays the life-and-death struggle for power in Rome. Envious of the charismatic Caesar and his ambitions, a faction of politicians plot his assassination. After Caesar is killed, chaos consumes Rome. Julius Caesar investigates the turbulent nature of power and the ethics of those who wield it.



Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer),  Jocelyne Fowler (Costume Designer),  Casey Brown (Fight Choreographer), Victoria Thompson (Rehearsal Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Brandon Felker (Caesar/Ghost/Octavius/Pindarus/Plebian 4),  Noah Greene (Antony/Cinna),  Anastasia Higham (Soothsayer/Lucius/Calpurnia/Metellus Cimber/Plebian 2),  Trevor Marston (Brutus/Octavius’ Servant/Plebian 5), Conner Neddersen (Cassius/Plebian 1/Soldier),  Nikki Visel (Casca/Murellus/Artemidorus/Plebian 3)