Henry V

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Russ Banham

Performed at the Center House Theatre at Seattle Center

April 15, 2010


May 9, 2010


It’s 1962, and with the arms race and space race at full throttle, pressure is mounting for the new ruler Henry and his cabinet cronies to do something.  Well…anything, really. After the monarch of France insults him, power hungry Henry leaps into war (with some prodding from his “advisors”).  Outnumbered and facing sure disaster, Henry’s political instinct kicks in to gamble on one last epic fight. “Henry V” exposes the behind the scenes maneuverings of a government’s war machine.



Jason Phillips (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Matt Starritt (Sound Designer), Sean Patrick Taylor (Music Director/Dramaturg), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Allan Armstrong (King of France), Gordon Carpenter (Bardolph/Williams/Burgundy), Marcel Davis (Westmoreland), Russell Hodgkinson (Pistol), David S. Hogan (Bedford), Tim Hyland (Ely/Fluellen), Jerick Hoffer (Mistress Quickly/Alice), James James (Grey/Orleans), James Lapan (Canterbury/Gower), Patrick Lennon (Boy/ Mountjoy), Chris Macdonald (Scoop/Constable), Joseph P. McCarthy (Nym/Bates), Stephanie Shine (Chorus), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Cambridge/Dauphin), Alexandra Tavares (Katherine), and Evan Whitfield (King Henry).