Henry IV

by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Dakin Matthews

Directed by Stephanie Shine

Performed at the Center House Theatre at Seattle Center

October 23, 2008


November 16, 2008

“Henry IV” wraps England’s civil unrest around a young man’s coming of age.  While Prince Hal drinks and carouses with the rogue Falstaff, his father, the King, grapples with rebel wars plaguing his rule.  As father and Falstaff battle for his affections, the playboy prince struggles to mature from wild youth to the heroic King Henry V.



Pete Rush (Set and Costume Designer), Tim Wratten (Lighting Designer), M. Elizabeth Eller (Sound Design), Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographer), Kimberly White (Voice and Text Director), Miller Freeman IV (Stage Manager).

CAST (in alphabetical order)

Patrick Allcorn (Douglas/Westmoreland), Shawn Belyea (Glendower/Warrick/Archbishop), Keith Dahlgren (Northumberland/Bardolph), Alycia Delmore (Lady Percy/Doll Tearsheet), Ben Gonio (Hotspur/Silence), Tim Gouran (Prince Hal), Leticia Jaramillo (Mistress Quickly), David Anthony Lewis (Worcester), Jon Lutyens (Poins/Vernon), Brandon Petty(Prince John/Nym /Mortimer), David Pichette (King Henry/Shallow), Sean Shannon (Hastings/Francis), Brian Claudio Smith (Pistol/Blunt), Allison Michelle Standley (Lady Mortimer/Davy), and Richard Ziman (Falstaff).