Billy Bishop Goes to War

By John Gray and Eric Peterson

Directed by Terry Edward Moore

Performed at the Glenn Hughes Playhouse Theater

August 21, 1992


September 5, 1992

This high-spirited, two-man musical follows the true story of Billy from his mischievous youth in small town Ontario to his triumph as Canada’s highest scoring air-ace during World War I. The play is a theatrical tour de force, with one actor play Billy and sixteen other characters (sometimes three at once!), including his faithful Cockney mechanic Walter, the imperious Lady St. Helier, and the lovely Elene. Join them for haps and mishaps, dogfights and grand balls!



Chuck Driscoll (Scenic Designer), Sherry Lyon (Costume Designer), Sonja Dove (Lighting Designer), Cornelia Duryée (Choreographer), Wendy Ruth (Stage Manager).


Terry Edward Moore (Billy), Jeff Caldwell (Piano Player).