Rosalind and Orlando engage in a glorious game of love, lust, and mistaken identities in Shakespeare’s magical forest.

As You Like It

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Kelly Kitchens

Performed at the Center Theatre

April 23, 2019


May 19, 2019

Lost and Found. Seeking her exiled father and escape from an oppressive court, Rosalind, disguised as a boy, flees with her cousin and a clown to the Forest of Arden. The woods offer not only freedom, but also a motley crew of characters, and the chance to experience life and love with a fellow outcast, Orlando, from a whole new perspective.

The Game of Love. This glorious comedy of love and change features the irrepressible Rosalind, Shakespeare’s most fully-realized female character. Intimate and light-hearted, the play subverts the traditional rules of romance. Gender roles, the natural world, and politics all get woven together into a beguiling and entertaining romance.

All the World’s a Stage. Wise fools, a magical forest, cross-dressing, young love…and wrestling! As You Like It has all the elements that make a Shakespeare play so much fun. Director Kelly Kitchens, a frequent Seattle Shakespeare Company collaborator both on stage and off, returns for this delightful dive into the beauty and complexities of love.


Running Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes with one intermission.


Video Excerpts

Production Team

Kelly  Kitchens (Director), Julia Hayes Welch (Scenic Designer), Chelsea  Cook (Costume Designer), Thorn  Michaels (Lighting Designer), Rob  Witmer (Sound Designer), Kelsey Rogers (Props Designer ), Tim Symons (Composer/Music Director), Leslie Wisdom (Lyricist), Kathryn Van Meter (Choreographer), Harry Todd Jamieson (Fight Choreographer), Natalie Shih (Assistant Costume Designer), Lex Marcos (Assistant Scenic Designer), Ben  Radin (Technical Director), Cathy Fazio (Stage Manager), Laura  Owens (Assistant Stage Manager).


Cast (alphabetical order)

Quinlan Corbett (Orlando), Peter Crook (Duke Frederick/Corin), Rebecca M. Davis (Touchstone), Sunam Ellis (Celia), Julie Jamieson (Adam/Sir Oliver Martext), Jonelle Jordan (Rosalind), Bobbi Kotula (Duke Senior), Danni Krehbiel (Audrey/Ensemble), Corey McDaniel (Oliver/Ensemble), George Mount (Jacques), Pilar O’Connell (Phoebe/Ensemble), Gabriella O’Fallon (Ensemble), Christine Riippi (Ensemble), Chad Sommerville (Ensemble), Jeremy Steckler (Ensemble).