As You Like It poster (2004)

As You Like It

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Stephanie Shine

October 14, 2004


November 14, 2004

Can true love prevail amidst warring brothers, a wicked duke, banished lovers and clever deceit? Multiple romances and Celtic magic set in the woodlands of Ireland play host to delicate melancholy, profound irony and delightful comedy. Shakespeare’s fine cast of characters is surpassed only by the fine cast of actors who play them.

John Kirschenbaum (Scenic Design), Ron Erickson (Costume Design), Timothy Wratten (Lighting Design), Katehe Balter (Properties Design), Sean Patrick Taylor (Music Director), Gordon Carpenter (Fight Director), Jennifer Havlin (Choreographer), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager)

CAST (in alphabetical order)
William Bone (Adam), Susanna Burney (Phebe), Gordon Carpenter (Silvius/Charles), Daniel Chercover (Touchstone), Eric Ray Anderson (Duke Senior/Duke Frederick), Deborah Fialkow (Rosalind), Peggy Gannon (Audrey), Susan McIntyre (Celia), Todd Jefferson Moore (Jaques/ Le Beau), Alex Samuels (Oliver), Brian Claudio Smith (William), Paul Morgan Stetler (Orlando), Sean Patrick Taylor (Corin/Amiens).


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