Seattle Shakespeare Production History

Henry V Bar(d)

Inspired by the approach of Backroom Shakespeare Project and sponsored by Solo Bar, we are taking on this political adventure play in raucous style. We have gathered serious actors to

Quintessence of Dust

England, 1599, and the opening of the much anticipated Globe Theatre approaches. William battles demons and the divine in this play about grief that pits familial devotion against fulfilling one’s

Romeo and Juliet (2024)

Artistic Director George Mount guides this production of Romeo and Juliet that will leave you questioning what you thought you knew about one of the most famous love stories ever told.

The Bed Trick (2024)

Seattle favorite Keiko Green brings her sharp provocation and biting humor to a new play that puts contemporary discussions in direct conversation with one of the most problematic devices in Shakespeare. In the grand tradition of the problem plays, The Bed Trick has no answers, but will have you pondering the questions long after you leave the theatre.

The Comedy of Errors (2024)

Jimmy Shields makes his Seattle Shakespeare directorial debut following his appearance as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in 2023’s Twelfth Night. Originally adapted for Wooden O, this small ensemble version of The Comedy of Errors cleaves right to the heart of the comedy and features actors playing their own twins to hilarious effect.

The Merry Wives of Windsor (2023)

Theatre maker Eddie DeHais adapts and directs this rowdy, raucous, unruly romp featuring some of Shakespeare’s most clever and comic characters. They are creating a Merry Wives of Windsor that will feel farcically familiar while examining the stickiness of conflicting personalities and viewpoints in a small town.