Seattle Shakespeare Production History

The Comedy of Errors graphic

The Comedy of Errors (2021)

Five actors trade multiple roles among each other in Shakespeare’s side-splitting comedy about the mayhem created by sets of twins searching for their lost family.

Sweet William with Michael Pennington

A large-spirited salute to the Bard, this intimate presentation is part biography, part analysis, part performance, and all heart from a great classical actor steeped in Shakespearean knowledge.

Cry Havoc with Stephan Wolfert

Cry Havoc seamlessly interweaves Shakespeare’s famous speeches with personal experience to help us understand the national crises we face when we fail in reintegrating our veterans.

Romeo and Juliet (Tour 2020)

In the midst of an historical bitter feud, passionate young love emerges. Defying their parents, Romeo and Juliet marry and plot to run away together, only to be thwarted at

Hamlet (Tour 2020)

In this brisk and engaging bilingual adaptation (English/Spanish), Prince Hamlet must navigate the treacherous court of Denmark after his uncle usurps the throne. Seeking to avenge his father’s death, Hamlet