The Taming of the Shrew

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Susanna Wilson

July 8, 2000–August 12, 2000

Shakespeare's archetypal battle of the sexes pits the feisty Katherine against the equally brawling Petruchio. Only these two could put each other through so much hell for a match made in heaven. Of our production, Misha Berson of the Seattle Times said, "Wooden O is touring a lean frisky version of the maximize[s] the entertaining aspects of the show."


Production Team

Susanna Wilson (Director), Kat Ramsburg (Stage Manager), Kelly Boulware & Peter O'Connor (Fight Choreographers), Zack Bunker (Set Designer), Glenda Williams (Composer), Jackie Edwards (Costumer), Marleigh Driscoll (Props).


The Cast

Vanessa Miller (Katherine), Chris Marshall (Lucentio), Karen Nelson (Baptista), Eric Jensen (Vincentio), Jeff Gilbert (Hortensio), Ray Gonzalez (Petruchio), David Goldstein (Tranio), Wendy Herlich (Grumio), Tricia Ferguson (Bianca, Eric Newman (Gremio), Lyssa Browne (Biondello).