series: Wooden O

The Merchant of Venice (2007)

PRODUCTION TEAM Yvette Kirby Waters (Stage Manager), Carisa Bush (Costume Designer), Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Sean Patrick Taylor (Music Director).   CAST (in alphabetical order) Patrick

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2008)

PRODUCTION TEAM Sarah Dale Lewis (Stage Manager), Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Deane Middleton (Costume Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Robertson Witmer (Composer).   CAST (in alphabetical order) Walter Baker

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Romeo and Juliet (2008)

PRODUCTION TEAM Jessi Wasson (Stage Manager), Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Manager), Evan Middlesworth (Composer), Kerry Christianson (Choreographer), Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographer).  

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