Seattle Actor Profile – David Drummond

When they say you’ve got to start out as a spear carrier in the theatre, well, that was David Drummond’s first professional acting job in Seattle for a production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Since then he’s gone on to bigger and better things, but, now that he has a family (a son and a daughter), he makes his living narrating audio books. He says, “There are good things about it, but I think editors are in short supply these days.” David plays the title role in Coriolanus.


“I only read books that I’m going to record, unfortunately, because I have so little free time. I do read the paper. The book I’m going to record next is called Bad Dog: a Love Story. So that’s what I’m reading right now, but not because I chose it.”


“Yesterday, I pulled out the soundtrack to The Big Country and it’s amazing! It’s a Gregory Peck western from the 40s or 50s and that’s literally what I listened to yesterday. It reminds me of my father. My father and I have some significant differences, but when I listen to the big country I think I understand him.”


“I just discontinued my Netflix membership, because we’re paring down everything. I’m trying to get my son interested in the stuff I watched as a kid. He likes Johnny Quest. I like that new detective show on Thursday nights…uh…Prime Suspect. My wife and I actually made dates to see Case Histories on Sunday nights on PBS. That was good! She’s read all of those books.”

Looking Forward to This Season

“I like going to big musicals with my son. For his birthday I took him to Blue Man Group, Pilobolus and Nanda the Jacket. Three weekends in a row. Fantastic stuff. We had lots of great discussions about that. I want him to see the big musicals that come through town when he’s a teenager and then again when he’s closer to 20, and then be in them in his 20s. We see all the big musicals that come to town.”

Shakespeare Character That You Identify With

(Pauses, and then laughs) “There are two characters I’ve enjoyed playing the most: Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Coriolanus. They’re both blowhards (laughs), they’re both big, emotional bullies. They’re both completely short-sighted, and completely blind in some aspects of their lives. But they’re a hell of a lot of fun. They live their lives out loud and in action, which is what all actors should do, at least when they’re on stage. I’d like to play Claudius in Hamlet again. I would love to play Audrey in As You Like It. I’ve been in that show four times, and I’ve always said that the only way I’d be in it again is if I get to play Audrey.”