Seattle Actor Profile – Christine Marie Brown

Christine Marie Brown’s big news is that she just got married to Andrew McGinn (he played the title role in Julius Caesar for Seattle Shakespeare Company in 2008). Shakespeare brought the couple together while performing at Seattle Rep. Although she’s played the part of Hermia for another theatre company, for our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Christine plays Lysandra, a part that requires her to be the pursuer rather than the one pursued.

READING: I am reading “Two Part Invention” by Madeleine L’Engle, which is about her marriage. She was married for a long time to a soap opera actor. She wrote many other things besides the “Wrinkle in Time” series. They lived in Manhattan and a friend of mine gave it to me right before I got married. I’m also re-reading “The Artist’s Way” with a group of friends.

LISTENING: I am listening, almost exclusively, to NPR right now while on my drives. I recently heard a talk with Marshall Rosenberg about non-violent communication and became extremely interested in that. So that’s something I think I’m going to look into.

WATCHING: Fringe. The Good Wife. Glee. And 30 Rock when it premieres. And I just finished watching the entire Firefly series and then Serendipity the movie.

LOOKING FORWARD THIS THEATRE SEASON: I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Humor Abuse. I plan to be there for opening. I’m looking forward to Circle Mirror Transformation, for sure. A Christmas Carol! I want to see that because I haven’t seen it in many, many years and I missed it last season. I want to see Robin Hood. Those are the things that are coming immediately to my mind, but I know there is a lot more in the season. Oh, and Cybourne Park, I know it doesn’t happen until the spring, but I’m interested in that.

SHAKESPEARE CHARACTER SHE IDENTIFIES WITH: My gosh. I really don’t know. For every one that comes to mind, there are circumstances in their lives, and I have no idea what that’s like. Probably Celia from As You Like It. I think because, at least in the realm of romance for most of my life, I felt like I was on the sidelines. That I was watching a lot of friends have that experience before my own experience happened. And it’s a role I’ve always wanted to play. I’ve played Phebe and Rosalind, so that’s the next one.