Seattle Actor Profile: Amy Thone

Amy Thone

Amy Thone wears a lot of hats. She is an actor, massage therapist, Mom, casting director, and acting teacher at Cornish College of the Arts. Amy plays the role of Titania in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

READING: I just finished a book called “A Measure of the Mountain” and it was about Mount Rainier. I went to Mount Rainier a lot this summer and it was great. But I’ve also been reading a ton of absurdism. A ton! Martin Esalen’s Theatre of the Absurd was written a long time ago, and it’s still a great book. It’s not a boring textbook. It’s pretty exciting. I’m reading a lot about Beckett and Pinter right now.

LISTENING:I’m kind of a loser that way. Because I have a daughter who is 11 we listen to a lot of Taylor Swift. We also listen to a lot of jazz at home.

 WATCHING: I’m such a loser! I’m watching “Slings and Arrows” again for like the 18th time. We just started “Deadwood,” so we’re starting to move through that. Right now, I’m not watching a lot of video because I’m too busy and too tired.

LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS THEATRE SEASON: I want to see Inherit the Wind at Strawshop. I really want to see A Lie of the Mind at Central Heating Lab at ACT with the lovely Aimee Bruneau and Tim Gouran and other people like Ray Tagavilia who’s a genius. Ohhhoh…Mary Stuart! My God!! I really want to see Bob Wright, Suzanne Bouchard, Anne Allgood. Oh, and I really want to see An Ideal Husband at Taproot since I admire Pam Nolte very much. I love that play. I want to support that theatre.

 SHAKESPEARE CHARACTER SHE IDENTIFIES WITH: My very first answer would be Beatrice or Rosalind, just because I think they’re great. Do I most identify with? I don’t know? King Lear? Confused. Hopeful. Sad. Devastated. Failed. Old. I love King Lear.