Romeo y Julieta Tour 2022

By William Shakespeare

Translated by Ana María Campoy

Directed by Sophie Franco

With Shakespeare’s text in Spanish, English & Spanglish, this 6-actor, 90- minute production will utilize Elizabethan settings and costumes. It celebrates the classic love story while also being a brand-new way to experience this play.

In the midst of an historical bitter feud, passionate young love emerges. Defying their parents, two teenagers marry and plot to run away together, only to be thwarted at every turn. This classic play is a not only the greatest love story ever told, but also a view into the hearts and minds of differing generations.

Romeo y Julieta will be available for live, in-person performances April 25-June 22, 2022. We are currently taking bookings. The performance fee is $1,750 and scholarships are available to qualifying schools. All performers will be vaccinated, and will adhere to your school’s masking policy and other covid safety requirements

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