Read, Watch, Listen: Julius Caesar

Do you know the difference between Republic and Empire? How to tie a toga? We’ll help you get you into a Roman frame of mind for our upcoming production of Julius Caesar with a few resources and recommendations to check out before you come see the show.




Julius Caesar: The Graphic Novel (Campfire Graphic Novels) Paperback

A graphic retelling Shakespeare’s play following the rise and fall of Julius Caesar’s rule over Rome. Includes additional fun facts about Roman life and the play.




Book of Ancient Rome

More than just a magazine, this well-researched publication takes an in-depth look at the ruthless Roman armies, their many great battles, deeds and rulers – both heroes and villains – and the eventual demise of the greatest empire of the ancient world.



Roman History & Mythology – All the Roman Things!

Have a question about Roman life? This website is chock full of answers covering everything from festivals and holidays to a listing of all the Roman emperors.





Rome (TV Series)

An epic HBO series from 2005 about generals and soldiers, masters and slaves and husbands and wives, all entwined in the furious historical events that saw the birth of the Roman Empire. Available on Amazon Prime and HBO.



I, Claudius (TV Series)

This Emmy-winning series spans the history of the Roman Empire and features an amazing cast of British actors. Available on DVD or through Amazon Video.


The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or…Which Was It?: Crash Course World History #10

A quick and humorous, this video covers the senate, the people, Rome, the caesarian section, and the Julian calendar, but NOT the Caesar Salad, as Julius had nothing to do with it.




Life of Caesar Podcast

Full of low-brow humor and banter, this extensive and sometimes off-the-wall podcast series discusses myths and misconceptions about Julius Caesar. And then once they finish up with Julius, they dive headfirst into the life of Augustus Caesar.



Shakespeare Unlimited, Episode 1: The Robben Island Shakespeare

One of Nelson Mandela favorite lines of Shakespeare was from Julius Caesar.  He noted it in a disguised copy of Shakespeare’s complete works that secretly circulated in the prison where he was held. Learn more about the history of this special Shakespeare artifact what it meant to the men who signed it.



Shakespeare in American Life: Shakespeare Is A Black Woman

Shakespeare’s work has intertwined itself with American electoral politics, geopolitics, and racial, class, and academic politics practically since the country was founded. This podcast from the Folger Library explores how Shakespeare has been used for political purposes throughout American history.





Luminary Shakespeare App

The Folger Library comes through again with a innovative app for the ipad covering Julius Caesar that makes Shakespeare’s great tragedy accessible to all readers.  Read the play, listen to passages, take notes, and discover fascinating insights into the play.