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Please type or cut and paste your bio in the space above. Limit 875 characters. To keep the look of our program consistent and professional, please follow these guidelines: Write in the third person and refer to yourself by your first name. ("Joe has appeared..." not "I have appeared..." or "Mr. Smith has appeared..."). Use the full name of plays, theaters and universities. ("A Midsummer Night's Dream" not "Midsummer"). Include only a selective representation of your work. Please do not try to include every production you have ever been involved in. Do not include personal or "thank you" messages. ("Joe is married to Jane Doe and has three lovely children." is fine, but "Joe sends love to his family and gives a shout out to his kids. Thanks for coming!" will not be included). Do not include ads for classes or services in your bio. ("Joe teaches acting classes at Freehold." is ok, but "Classes for Joe's three week acting intensive begin at Freehold in May, sign up now!" is not ok). Do not use profanity or list projects you have worked on that have profanity in the title. Don’t include any website addresses.