Othello 2020


Free Wooden O park show

Directed by Reginald André Jackson

Performed in parks throughout the Puget Sound region

July 9, 2020–August 9, 2020

A Web of Deceit. Newly married military commander Othello chooses young Cassio for a promotion instead of his lieutenant Iago. The stinging slight is noted, and soon Iago draws Othello into a web of half-truths and deceit to exact revenge. The lies about his new wife Desdemona prey on Othello until he can no longer determine what is true or false. The pressure to relieve his intense doubt leads to a dangerous and lethal assault that destroys not only his marriage, but everything around him.

Irresistible Ruin. Shakespeare’s compelling cat and mouse game is a fascinating view of a master manipulator who does harm merely for the pleasure of it, and the downfall of a good man caught up in the deception. Horrifying yet captivating it’s hard to look away from the devastation wrought by seeds of jealousy.

Classic Con Job. Who hasn’t found themselves tricked by a lie or found themselves confused as to what is really the truth? Do those given your trust actually have your best interest at heart? Othello, written at the height of Shakespeare’s creativity over 400 years ago, perhaps has more relevance and resonance for the present moment than ever before. 

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