First Rehearsal: A Doll’s House

At the first rehearsal for Seattle Shakespeare Company’s production of “A Doll’s House,” Artistic Director George Mount welcomed everyone to the room. “A Doll’s House” is Seattle Shakespeare Company’s first production of a play by Henrik Ibsen and it will be directed by Russ Banham. “One of the great pleasures of my job it so give artists the opportunity to do dream projects,” said Mount. “Russ and I had a great meeting about a year or so ago and he was just over the moon enthusiastic about this show.” Mount sees “A Doll’s House” as a good follow up to “Pygmalion” which the company produced in March of 2012. “‘A Doll’s House’ deals in similar themes as and was some of the inspiration for ‘Pygmalion.'” Seattle Shakespeare Company is premiering a new translation of “A Doll’s House” by Sean Patrick Taylor.