Bluff Your Way Through The Play: Pericles

A classic hero’s epic, Pericles is chock-a-block full of adventure. Music and marriages, heart-break and hilarity fill the stage. If you’ve never seen the play before…don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are handy tidbits to make you feel like you were right there on the ship with Pericles himself.

Hey, Wanna Write A Play Together?

At least 10 of Shakespeare’s plays are believed to be collaborations. It’s possible Pericles was co-written with the poet George Wilkins.

Hey, Wanna Be in My Play?

The source for Pericles is a Greek tale. Poet John Gower’s version was the one Shakespeare used…and liked Gower so much he made him character.

Traveling Man

Pericles travels to six different cities in the Mediterranean Sea and covers more than 15 years during the course of the play.


You know who was crazy about Pericles…people in the 17th century! Over a 30 year period it was published at least 5 times!

Name that Gal

The heroines in Shakespeare’s late plays all have inventive names often reflecting their character. Marina means born at sea.

What Goes Around Comes Around

The poem “Marina” by T.S. Eliot is inspired by Pericles.

Riddle Me This

Shakespeare puts two key riddles in Pericles at the beginning and the end. Maybe it tells us something about how to view the play?

Take the Stage

After Cromwell closed the theatres in 1642 for 18 years, Pericles was the first Shakespeare play performed when they reopened.