Black Lives Matter Statement

To the friends, supporters, artists and audiences of Seattle Shakespeare.

Black Lives Matter

With resolve, we add our voices to the many crying out in anguish for the loss of Black lives (for Ahmuad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and too many more), to the many crying out in anger at the ugliness of systemic racism in our country, the many crying out for change. As allies, we stand united in solidarity with the Black artists, creators, audiences and community members crying out so that their voices are heard.

We have always strived to be a place of inclusion, unity, and a positive vision of people working together. We believe in a just and equitable society, in theatre as a place for a multitude of voices, and as a safe space where shared stories bring communities together.

But we also recognize, as a company whose works are literally rooted in a historically white, Eurocentric and elitist tradition, striving cannot be considered succeeding, and it is not enough.

Our collective failings, as a nation, and as a theatre, are evident, but they are not irreversible. For so long, the depth of pain felt in our Black communities has been unheard. We can no longer turn away. Theatre is an act of giving voice to the depth and breadth of our community – and so we commit to the work of doing better and lifting more voices. There is much work to be done, as a theatre and as a society. There will be success, and more failure, but there must be progress.

For those looking for some way to act now, we have some links to organizations and resources for education, support, and anti-racist work.

Seattle Shakespeare Company