The Two Gentlemen of Verona

By William Shakespeare
Directed by David Quicksall
Performed in parks throughout the Puget Sound region

July 10, 2014–August 10, 2014


Best pals Valentine and Proteus find themselves rivals for the affections of the beautiful Silvia while Julia, Proteus’ forgotten gal, hatches a plan to win back her man. As the two gents play out their foolish ideas of love, their servants Speed and Launce create a comic contest of their own in a hilarious battle of wits. This mid-century take on the impulsive nature of romance will win your heart.

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  • Design Team: Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Jocelyne Fowler (Costume Designer), Music Dwight Beckmeyer (Director/Arranger), Harry Todd Jamieson (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Choreographer), Louise Butler (Stage Manager).

    Cast (in alphabetical order): Scott Ward Abernethy (Thurio/Quintet), Bridgid Abrams (Quintet/Outlaw), Kevin Bordi (Launce), Keith Dahlgren (Antonio/Host), Angelica Duncan (Julia), Jim Gall (Duke), Rachel Glass (Lucetta/Quintet/Outlawa), Eric Jensen (Eglamour/Panthino/Quintet/Outlaw), Jacob Livingston (Quintet/Outlaw), Miles Terwilliger Livingston (Crab), Jason Marr (Proteus), Carolyn Marie Monroe (Sylvia), Christopher Morson (Speed), and Conner Neddersen (Valentine)

  • Valentine and Proteus are childhood best friends living in Verona. Valentine is heading to Milan to serve at the Duke’s court. Proteus decides to stay in Verona because he has fallen in love. Valentine is scornful of his friend’s choice of love over adventure; however, as soon as he arrives at the Milan, he too falls in love — with Silvia, the duke’s daughter. Meanwhile, in Verona, Proteus is thrilled to receive a letter from his beloved Julia declaring her affections. But his happiness is short-lived when his father insists that he join Valentine in Milan. Julia decides to follow him.

    Back in Milan, Silvia has acknowledged her love for Valentine, but the duke has already selected a rich old man to be her husband. Valentine is delighted when Proteus arrives at court and confides his intention to elope with Silvia. He introduces Proteus to her, and Proteus instantly forgets Julia and falls for her himself. Proteus betrays Valentine’s secret to her father, who banishes Valentine from the city. Silvia sees through Proteus’s attempts to unseat her lover in her affections. One night he attempts to woo Silvia and Julia, who has disguised herself as his page, overhears him and is brokenhearted.

    Silvia escapes the court to follow Valentine, who has become the leader of a robber band. She is pursued and found by Proteus. When she refuses his love, he tries to rape her. He is prevented by the arrival of Valentine, who forgives his old friend for the assault and, in a burst of bizarrely misplaced generosity, offers his beloved to him as a sign of eternal friendship. At this point, Julia faints, revealing her disguise, and Proteus suddenly regains his old love for Julia. The duke arrives and is persuaded to let Valentine marry Silvia. Everyone seems remarkably happy and forgiving. Amusement is provided throughout by two very funny servants and a dog.

    Adapted from Shakespeare Genealogies by Vanessa James