Richard III

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Terry Edward Moore

Performed at the Glenn Hughes Playhouse Theater

August 14–31, 1991


Gary Smoot (Set Designer), Paul Chi-ming Louey (Costume Designer), James E. Johnson (Lighting Designer), Doyle Myers (Composer), Paul T. Mitri (Fight Choreographer), Stephen Crenshaw (Stage Manager)


Paul T. Mitri (Richard, Duke of Gloucester), Mark Chamberlin (George, Duke of Clarence), Andrew Zavada (King Edward IV), Kia Sian (The Duchess of York), Kirk B.R. Woller (Brakenbury), David Wright (Hastings), Susan Riddilford (Lady Anne), Dianne Manning (Queen Elizabeth), Erik Van Beuzekom (Rivers), Doug Sadler (Grey), David Natale (The Marquess of Dorset), Todd Jamieson (The Duke of Buckingham), David S. Klein (Stanley), Cristine McMurdo-Wallis (Queen Margaret), Stephen West (Catesby), Michael Su (Catesby Aug. 23-25), Andrew Horowitz (Ratcliffe), Christopher Shanahan (First Murderer), Allan Batchelder (Second Murderer), Paul Quaintance (First Citizen), Michael Blain-Rozgay (Second Citizen), Terrence Cronin (Third Citizen), Erik Van Beuzekom (Archbishop of York), Jared Danielson (Edward, Prince of Wales), Ian Washburn (Richard, Duke of York), Allan Batchelder (Ely, a Cardinal), Michael Blaine-Rozgay (The Duke of Norfork), Paul Quaintance (The Earl of Surrey), Erik Van Beuzekom (Lord Mayor of London), David Morden (A Scrivener), Doug Sadler (Sir James Tyrrel), David Morden (Sir Christopher), Andrew Zavada (Richmond), Terrence Cronin (Sir James Blunt).


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