An enthralling political thriller about the intoxicating effects of power.

Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare

Directed by George Mount

Performed at the Cornish Playhouse

September 13, 2017–October 1, 2017

Political Thriller. After the adoring public raises the charismatic Caesar to power, political factions question the leader’s motives and growing influence. Whispers of mutiny rumble through the corridors of power. Brutus and Cassius reach a dire conclusion that will set their country on the edge of collapse.

Power Hungry. Shakespeare dives deep into the intoxicating effects of power. Dynamic characters wrestle with their own ideals. Bloody and brutal decisions are weighed against honor and ambition.

Et tu, Brute? Shakespeare pioneered the way for television shows like House of Cards and Scandal. The action is swift and enthralling. The gripping speeches are a mastery of language and thought. And supernatural omens and ghosts add to the edge-of-your-seat emotional experience.

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