The Merchant of Venice


Hot markets make Venice a glamorous and high-living city.  Fortunes are made in an instant and lost in a heartbeat.  After striking a lethal bargain with the moneylender Shylock, Antonio faces the knife when his income from his ships suddenly evaporates. He must now rely upon a resourceful heiress-turned-lawyer, Portia, to prevent the deadly disaster. In a thrilling courtroom conclusion, the disguised young woman swings into action in one of Shakespeare’s most popular and controversial plays.



Jennifer Zeyl (Scenic Design), Pete Rush (Costume Design), Geoff Korf (lighting design),  John Osebold (original music), Kimberly White (Voice and Text Director), Erin Murray (Assistant Director), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Allan Armstrong (Tubal/ Duke of Venice), Will Beinbrink (Bassanio), Mark Chamberlin (Antonio), Mats Ecklund (Balthazar/Bailiff/Stefano), David Goldstein (Salarino), Troy Fischnaller (Gratiano/Morroco), Kelly Kitchens (Nerissa), Shawn Law (Launcelot), Charles Leggett (Shylock), Melanie Moser (Jessica), Kay Nahm (Lady in Waiting to Portia/Performer), Michael Place (Lorenzo), Dale Ross (Lady in Waiting to Portia/Performer), Klea Scott (Portia), Matt Shimkus (Salerio/Jailor), Brian Claudio Smith (Solanio/Aragon).


The Two Gentlemen of Verona


Life along the Verona Gold Coast is sweet for buddies Proteus and Valentine.  They dine in great restaurants, chill in the best clubs, and get to hang out on yachts. But when Valentine heads off to attend the university, fickle Proteus drops his gal Julia and heads off with him.  While at school, the moony and misguided guys stumble over themselves trying to win the heart of beautiful Sylvia.  When resourceful Julia gets wind of it, she devises a plan to win back her wayward beau.



Jason Phillips (Scenic Designer), Doris Black (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Miller Freeman IV (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Daniel Brockley (Proteus), Samie Detzer (Lucetta/Ursula), Kelly Ehlert (Outlaw), Chris Ensweiler (Lance), David Goldstein (Speed), Emily Grogan (Sylvia), Hana Lass (Julia), Sean Martin (Thurio), Michael Patten (Duke/Antonio), Derek Petropolis (Outlaw), Matt Shimkus (Panthino/Eglamour), and Connor Toms (Valentine).

The Threepenny Opera


“The Threepenny Opera” is a savage and biting commentary on capitalism and modern morality. Mack the Knife is a dapper criminal who leaves a trail of broken hearts and slashed throats wherever he roams.  The dashing thieves, saucy prostitutes and scheming entrepreneurs of Mack’s seedy underworld trade in love, sex, murder and theft in order to survive in a society spinning out of control.



Daryl Spadaccini (Music Director), Jennifer Havlin (Choreographer), Michael Mowery (Scenic Designer), Doris Black (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Matt Starritt (Sound Designer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)

John Bogar (Macheath (Mack the Knife)), Julie Briskman (Jenny), Gordon Carpenter (Ensemble), Rebecca M. Davis (Ensemble), Hugh Hastings (Tiger Brown), Russell Hodgkinson (Mr. J.J. Peachum), Jerick Hoffer (Ensemble), Jayne Muirhead (Mrs. Peachum), Rod Pilloud (Reverend Kimball), Gina Russell (Lucy Brown), Matt Shimkus (Ensemble), Brandon J. Simmons (Ensemble), Allison Standley (Polly Peachum)




Prince Hamlet hears his father’s otherworldly voice demanding revenge, and thus begins an intense whirlwind of intrigue in Shakespeare’s most complex and emotional drama. Pulled apart by love and duty, Hamlet struggles to make sense of his upended world while attempting to pursue justice. Director John Langs returns after his much lauded production of “The Merchant of Venice” to stage and rediscover this exalted classic.



Jennifer Zeyl (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Geoff Korf (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in order of appearance)

Adam Standley (Bernardo/Player/Attendant/Fortinbras), Matt Shimkus (Francisco/Rosencrantz/Attendant), Mike Dooly (Horatio), Gordon Carpenter (Marcellus/Lucianus/Priest/Soldier of Fortinbras), Charles Leggett (Ghost/Player King/First Clown/Osric), Richard Ziman (Claudius), Mary Ewald (Gertrude), David Pichette (Polonius/Second Clown), Alyson Bedford (Voltemand/Player Queen/Soldier of Fortinbras), Robert Keene (Cornelius/Player/Messenger ), Darragh Kennan (Hamlet), Shawn Law (Laertes), Brenda Joyner (Ophelia), Justin Alley (Reynaldo/Captain/Attendant), Jason Marr (Guildenstern/Attendant)


Twelfth Night


Love has everyone unglued in Illyria. When Viola, a castaway, disguises herself as a boy to find work as Duke Orsino’s servant, she gets caught in a compromising love triangle. Meanwhile, Olivia’s household cranks up their mischief making by tricking a stuffy steward into believing his mistress has fallen for him. This treasured comedy brims with wild infatuations, delightful antics, and beloved comic characters.