2014-2015 Season

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Seattle Shakespeare Company’s 2014-2015 season begins September 3. Join us for all five plays in three different venues.

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Waiting for Godot

By Samuel Beckett |Ÿ Directed by George Mount
September 3-21, 2014
Performed at the Falls Theatre at ACT Theatre

A lonely tree at the junction of a dirt road, on a day indistinguishable from any other day, two vagabond souls anxiously wait for their appointed meeting. They bicker, wheedle, tease, ponder, wonder and hold fast to anything that will give them a cause to live until the next day. Samuel Beckett introduced us to Vladimir and Estragon when the world lived in fear of nuclear annihilation.  Since then these two clowns, as well as their fellow travelers Pozzo and Lucky, have helped us take one falteringly dangerous step after another into an unknown future.

Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare |Ÿ Directed by Jon Kretzu
October 21-November 16, 2014
Performed at the Center Theatre at Seattle Center

Love lost. Love found. Love turned upside down. Shakespeare’s sparkling comedy turns desire on its ear when shipwrecked twins Viola and Sebastian roam Illyria stirring up attraction and distraction wherever they go. Orsino loves Olivia, but she pays him no mind. Olivia loves Viola, whom she’s mistaken for a boy. Viola loves Orsino, and he has no idea she’s a girl. Toby Belch, Andrew, Feste and Maria love playing pranks on Malvolio who is in love with love (and himself). Strange romance gives way to a miracle in this rollicking comedy of misplaced longing.

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Measure for Measure

By William Shakespeare |Ÿ Directed by Desdemona Chiang
January 6-February 1, 2015
Performed at the Center Theatre at Seattle Center

Left to clean up a city rampant with corruption, Angelo lays down the law sentencing a young man, Claudio, to death for impregnating his own girlfriend Juliet before marriage. Angelo’s particular moral weaknesses surface when Claudio’s sister, Isabella, a novice nun, pleads for her brother’s life. For Angelo, Isabella’s beauty and piety hold an erotic charm and he presents her with a shocking proposition. How far will Isabella go to save her brother’s life?  Who has true authority to judge another? Shakespeare offers no easy answers in this dark comedy of desires.

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By Moliere |Ÿ Directed by Makaela Pollock
March 17-April 12, 2015
Performed at the Center Theatre at Seattle Center

Orgon’s household is under the influence of a seductive swindler named Tartuffe. This cunning con man, masquerading as a holy man, plans to dupe the gullible Orgon out of his fortune, his daughter, and his reputation. The pious grifter can do no wrong in his host’s eyes, yet everyone else in the household smells a rat. Just when the jig is up, Tartuffe ups the stakes and the charm. Moliere’s laugh-out-loud funny tale of deception, hypocrisy, and power shish-kabobs false morality.

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By William Shakespeare |Ÿ Directed by John Langs
April 29-May 17, 2015
Performed at the Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center

Military leader Othello passes over his ensign, Iago, for a promotion in favor of young Cassio. Seeking revenge, master manipulator Iago seeds Othello’s mind with mistrust for his new bride Desdemona. The lies spread like wildfire clouding Othello’s vision for what is true and what is false. The flame of jealousy fills him with self-doubt, destroying his once-happy marriage. With soaring language and psychological depth, Shakespeare creates a highly charged tale that roars to a crashing conclusion.

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