UnPerformed Graphic

This is an on-going, free, professional work space dedicated to creating a robust and safe place to practice engaging with a spectrum of classical texts using a lens of inclusion, social justice, and the collaborative legacy of storytelling.

 While rooted in the exploration of Shakespeare, we will also invest our efforts on verse and “classical” texts from other cultures, other times, and other writers.

This series will operate on month-long cycles of digital & in-person work: 

  • Three sessions will be spent immersed in work on a single play: a full read through, discussion, analysis, work on scenes and/or character arcs, ideas for performance, concept, and adaptation.
  • The fourth session will be dedicated to reading an alternate play which grapples with themes/characters/ideas/structure found in the main text.

The aim is to build both our holistic skill in approaching classical text NOW, and a community mutually-invested in this ongoing work.

Interested in joining a session? Want more info? Please fill out the contact form.