Casting News: Tartuffe

Get ready for some mayhem with Moliere as we will soon be welcoming a new cast to our stage for Tartuffe. Although there are still a few parts that we’re waiting to cast, we’re very excited to share director Makaela Pollock’s company with you.

R. Hamilton Wright will play the wily title character Tartuffe. Wright previously appeared in our 2012 production of Pygmalion. Making their SSC debuts will be Peter Lohnes as Orgon, the master of the household, Quinn Armstrong and Maya Sugarman as the struggling lovers Valére and Mariane, and Suzy Hunt as Madame Pernelle, Orgon’s mother. Bhama Roget will play the clever maid Dorine who tries to expose the trickery of Tartuffe.

Brandon J. Simmons and Alex Matthews, both last seen at SSC in Richard II, will play Orgon’s brother-in-law Cléante and Orgon’s son Damis. Bill Johns, last seen in As You Like It, will play the Officer.

Update: Christine Marie Brown (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) joins the cast as Elmire, Orgon’s wife.