A rare chance to see Shakespeare’s savage and bitterly funny condemnation of the follies of war told through the eyes of two passionate lovers.

Troilus and Cressida

By William Shakespeare

Directed by David Quicksall

Performed at the Center Theatre

March 17, 2020–April 12, 2020

Modern Epic. It all began when Helen of Troy was fiercely abducted, and now for seven long years the Greeks and Trojans have been at war. Warriors cynically debate over the fate of their nations with little resolution. Ensnared in the madness are the young Greek prince, Troilus, and a Trojan traitor’s daughter, Cressida. Their love is tested and exposed to the savage and corrupting influence of wartime politics.

Warriors and Lovers. Both nations and lovers battle it out in this funny and insightful drama of revenge and romance. Troilus and Cressida’s doomed devotion mirrors the world of war all around them. Classic characters from the Iliad – Hector, Ulysses, Achilles, Ajax, Helen – leap to life with the help of Shakespeare’s imagination to reveal the follies of war.

A Rare Opportunity. At turns farcical and tragic, comedic and heart-breaking, Troilus and Cressida is one of Shakespeare’s most passionate plays. Director David Quicksall, who staged our “visually arresting and forceful” (Seattle Times) Coriolanus, returns to direct this larger-than-life spectacle.