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Virtual Event Support

…be viewed in a web browser, whether that is on your computer, tablet, mobile device, or smart TV. For best practices on streaming to your TV, see device specifics below:…

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Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

…gift certificate, contact the Tickets Office at 206-733-8222 or email us. Gift Certificates can be redeemed by phone or in-person. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed online. Show or season specific…

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Julius Caesar (2014)

…(Marellus/Metellus Cimber), Macall Gordon (Flavius/Trebonius), Heather Hawkins (Calpurnia/Cinna the Poet/Citizen), Meg McLynn (Portia/Octavius/Secret Service/Citizen), Victoria McNaughton (Citizen/Antony Aide), Sarah Russell (Citizen/Octavius Aide/Publius), Melissa Slaughter (Citizen/Caesar Aide), Amy Thone (Cassius), Nikki…

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