Wooden O

Bluff Your Way Through the Play: King Lear

Family betrayal, sibling rivalry, greed, insanity, bloody violent acts, and estate planning. What’s not to like about King Lear? If this is your first go around with Shakespeare’s famous and popular tragedy or if you just want a brush up to know your Kents from your Cornwalls then we’re here to help out.

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Plays and Picnics: Wooden O Summer 2018

Seattle Shakespeare Company celebrates the 25th anniversary of Wooden O this summer with productions of King Lear and The Merry Wives of Windsor which start performances on Thursday, July 12. Both productions will perform in park venues throughout King and Pierce Counties.

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Casting News: Wooden O’s 25th Anniversary

It’s the 25th Anniversary of Wooden O and we’re thrilled for our summer park productions of King Lear and The Merry Wives of Windsor. So pick a park and start planning your picnics, because on July 12 we launch our free summer Shakespeare.

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Wooden O Casting News 2017

Casting News Wooden O 2017

This summer we’ve got two great casts joining us for our Wooden O productions of Much Ado About Nothing and Pericles. You’ll recognize several artists from our indoor shows, but we’ve also got a lot of new comers who we really want you to meet.

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