2013-2014 Season Announced


Artistic Director George Mount has announced Seattle Shakespeare Company’s plans for 2013-2014 that include the return of director Sheila Daniels and the company directing debut of Rosa Joshi and Victor Pappas.

“‘Know thy self’ is the unifying theme I’ve used for planning the season,” said Mount. “The stories, themes or characters in each of the four shows next season illustrate either a lack of, or a loss of self-awareness, and in some, the concept could be considered a good piece of advice.”

Seattle Shakespeare Company’s indoor season for 2013-2014 starts with Mount directing Shakespeare’s charming romance Much Ado About Nothing. A vainglorious monarch is forced to reconcile with his own shortcomings as a leader in Richard II and it will be directed by Rosa Joshi. Victor Pappas will stage the company’s first production of a play by Oscar Wilde, the comedy The Importance of Being Earnest. The harrowing and heartbreaking tragedy King Lear rounds out the season and will be directed by Sheila Daniels.




Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare | Directed by George Mount

Oct. 23-Nov. 17, 2013 – Center Theatre

Everyone knows that Beatrice and Benedick were meant for each other…except these two sharp-tongued wits can’t see it themselves! Only the shared resolve of redeeming a young girl’s honor brings the warring pair together. Filled with eccentric clowns, heart-warming families, and troublesome rogues, this vibrant comic celebration of romance will have you cheering when love eventually wins out.


Richard II

By William Shakespeare | Directed by Rosa Joshi

Jan. 8-Feb. 2, 2014 – Center Theatre

This lyrical beginning to the War of the Roses is among the most moving of all of Shakespeare’s histories. More poet than monarch, Richard II is ill-suited to the role that lineage and legacy demands of him. Surrounded by ambitious men who would prey on his vulnerabilities, Richard is toppled from the throne by his cunning and capable cousin, Henry. But in the loss of his worldly power, Richard makes an unexpected revelation far more important than any kingdom.


The Importance of Being Earnest

By Oscar Wilde | Directed by Victor Pappas

March 19-Apr. 13, 2014 – Center Theatre

Oscar Wilde’s outlandish masterpiece is one of the cleverest comedies in the English language. Dapper Jack Worthing and Algernon, his compatriot in cavorting, have fallen for two ladies who have their hearts set on marrying a man named Ernest. In order to pursue the romance, both men concoct an elaborate deception which leads to an even more outlandish surprise when the formidable Lady Bracknell starts sleuthing about for the far-fetched truth.


King Lear

By William Shakespeare | Directed by Sheila Daniels

Apr. 24-May 11, 2014 – Playhouse (Former Intiman)

The ultimate family drama matched by intense political intrigue, King Lear traces an aging monarch’s descent into madness. Weary of his royal duties, King Lear elects to distribute his lands among his three daughters. But sweet falsities and hubris blind Lear to the true motives of those around him, scorching king and kingdom to ashes with consequences that unearth the worst and best in human nature.