The Spirit of Scandinavia

AquavitTry a taste of the spirit of Scandinavia at A Doll’s House — Aquavit. Seattle Shakespeare Company partners with local distiller Sound Spirits for the signature cocktail for A Doll’s House featuring their aquavit. So just what is aquavit?  It’s a neutral spirit flavored with herbs and spices and is historically made in Scandinavian countries. If you listen closely, you may be able to catch the reference Ibsen made to the spirit in A Doll’s House.

The production process for making aquavit is similar to gin except that the botanicals used in flavoring the liquor are more on the savory side like caraway, fennel, or dill. Although aquavit is traditionally served chilled and neat from small glasses, we’re pairing it with tonic water and lime to provide a light and refreshing drink either before the curtain rises or at intermission. We call it the Skylark.

We’re thrilled to have found a local distiller of aquavit as Sound Spirits is one of the few distilleries making the Scandinavian spirit.  Sound Spirits is the first Seattle distillery since Prohibition. And not only do they make aquavit, but they craft vodka and gin as well. Located in the Interbay neighborhood, you can stop by their tasting room to pick up a bottle, take a sip of their wares, or tour their facility to learn about the art of craft distilling.


  1. Jeremy Pratt says

    Great, you gave us everything except the actual receipe. How much lime to how much aquavit in the Skylark?

    • Jeff Fickes says

      Glad you’re still interested in the drink recipe. It’s very similar to a gin an tonic since aquavit is very similar to gin. Here’s the recipe we used”

      2 oz aquavit
      5 oz tonic water
      1 lime wedge