That Backwoods Spirit

2bar MoonshineWhite lightning, mountain dew, hooch,Tennessee white whiskey. We’re talking Moonshine. Yeah, it was made famous by Snuffy Smith comic strips as well as countless stereotypes of hillbillies, but did you know that we have a local distiller who makes moonshine just minutes from downtown?

Seattle Shakespeare Company is partnering with 2Bar Spirits in SODO for the signature cocktail for The Taming of the Shrew. We’re calling it Sucker Punch, and you’ve gotta try it if you’ve never tasted moonshine before.

So just what exactly is moonshine, anyway?

Usually moonshine refers to any form of illegally distilled or homemade alcohol. There can be all kinds of variations depending on the maker and the region where the moonshine was made. It got its name because it was normally distilled at night “by the light of the moon.”

2Bar’s moonshine is made with corn grown in Washington. The process to make it is similar to distilling spirits to make whisky. Moonshine isn’t aged like whisky, therefore it is colorless. Our production of The Taming of the Shrew seemed like the perfect to introduce folks to this much maligned spirit.

2Bar Spirits is one of the few distilleries making moonshine in the country. They also craft a mighty fine vodka, as well. Distiller Nathan Kaiser named the company after the family’s ranch in South Texas. You can visit their operation and tasting room to pick up a bottle or take a tour of the facility