The Arden Circle

Arden CircleThe Arden Circle is Seattle Shakespeare Company’s group of multi-year sustaining donors. The Forest of Arden is the setting for Shakespeare’s play As You Like It and is the name of the woodland area around Shakespeare’s home. Arden is a magical place, where unique coincidences occur, strange apparitions appear, and people are transformed through self-discovery.

Join members of Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Arden Circle with a pledge of multi-year, sustaining support.

  • David and Gay Allais
  • Sarah and Bob Alsdorf
  • Mary and Scott Berg
  • Jennie and Tom Buckley Blank
  • John Bodoia
  • Lauren and Rion Dudly
  • Barbara and Tim Fielden
  • Pierre DeVries and Susan Tonkin
  • Dan Drais and Jane Mills
  • Sue Drais
  • Emily Evans and Kevin Wilson
  • Anne and Donald Frothingham
  • Robert and Roberta Greenwood
  • John and Ellen Hill
  • Maria Mackey Gunn
  • Sarah Merner and Craig McKibben
  • Phil and Carol Miller
  • Erik Pontius
  • Victoria Quinn
  • Anne Repass
  • Nicole Dacquisto Rothrock and Tim Rothrock
  • Pat Walker
  • Steve Wells
  • Jim and Jeanne Wintz